St THOMAS AQUINAS School Scholorship Policy


St Thomas Aquinas Scholarship Programme aims to encourage and recognise students in their pursuit of excellence.  The Scholarship Programme is intended to provide academically strong students with the financial assistance to further their education as well as reward achievement and effort. 

Those learners who receive scholarships will not only have an excellent academic record but also have an exemplary character and will share the values of our school community.  These students will exhibit qualities such as integrity, leadership, initiative, personal responsibility and, care and compassion for others.  

The Scholarships entitle the holder to 50% of tuition fees.  Scholarships do not cover textbooks, uniforms, excursions, technology fees or individual subject fees.  

The number of scholarships awarded will be adjusted annually according to monies available for the purpose.


The Learner must:

    • be in Grade 7
    • not be older than 13 years at the time of application
    • have an overall academic average of 70% or more in the Grade 7 June examinations
    • have achieved a minimum of 70% average for Mathematics and English

English & Mathematics



Scholarships are awarded for the duration of the learner’s high school career.  However, academic results of scholarship recipients will be reviewed twice a year in July and December and all scholarships will be reviewed annually.  Learners must maintain the results expected of a scholarship recipient:  a minimum qualification is obtaining a gold bar status in term 4 and having an exemplary record for behaviour.  Any scholarship recipient whose annual review is unsatisfactory may have his/her scholarship withdrawn.  Parents/guardians will receive written correspondence during the process of review and, where appropriate, a letter reconfirming the award at the end of each year will be given.



  • Parents complete the application form (Appendix A).
  • A recent identity photograph of the learner is attached to the form.
  • Learner’s June examination report is attached to the application form.
  • Student arrives at St Thomas Aquinas school, with the application form, to register at 8:00 on the Saturday allocated in August for the Scholarship Examinations.
  • Learner writes the Scholarship Examinations from 8:30 – 10:30 (1 x 1hour Mathematics paper and 1 x 1hour English paper).



All Scholarships are granted or withdrawn at the discretion of the Principal of the School.  St Thomas Aquinas School reserves the right to make changes to this policy at the school’s sole discretion.