(DRAFT November 2022)

Bursary basics:

A St Thomas Aquinas School bursary is awarded to St Thomas Aquinas learners with academic potential, whose parents/guardians are unable to afford the school fees for a specific period.

Duration of the bursary

A St Thomas Aquinas bursary is awarded and reviewedannually and throughout that period remains subject to the conditions of the award. Should a parent/guardian wish to reapply or renew a bursary, then new application forms withall supplementary supporting documents must be resubmitted for review.

General requirements:

The Board of Governors welcomes and encourages applications from learners. Only those learners meeting the requirements will be considered.

Preliminary requirements:


  • Citizens of South Africa with a valid and legal ID
  • Satisfactory academic performance
  • Financial need must be demonstrated clearly – a combined household grossincome not exceeding R30 000 per month or R360 0000 per annum (before tax). (Certified bank statements – 3 months) If you are a proprietor, then certified Business Financial Statements or Company Financial Statements.
  • If employed, a current payslip should be produced.
  • Copy of latestcurrent year tax assessment.
  • A motivational letter from the parent/guardian.

Application Process

Parents/Guardians must complete the relevant application form and provide the BOG with all supplemental information as requested.

All applications include a financial means questionnaire to provide a full picture of the income and assets of applicants.

This will assist the BOG to consider and determine those learners to whom an offer of bursary would be most beneficial.

Allapplications will be dealt with the utmost confidence.

The Bursary Committee reserves the right to request additional financial or other supporting information as deemed appropriate.

In case of separation or divorce, the financial circumstances of bothparents will be considered as part of the bursary assessment irrespective of any financial or other arrangement made between them. This includes consideration of income and net assets of any stepparent or partner living in the same household, together with any financial commitments relating to children from previousmarriages/relationships.

Individual statement of financial circumstances will be provided to separated or divorced parents for completion.

Parents/guardians are required to inform the school immediately of any material change in their financial circumstances while a bursary is being provided. Failure to divulge requested information or a change in circumstances may lead to a bursary being reconsidered, withdrawn or not extended or a request for supplementary contribution by the parent/guardian may be required.

Applicants will be notified in writing of the outcome of a bursary application within two weeks after submission.The decision of the BOG is final.


Conditions of a St Thomas Aquinas School Bursary

Conditions of a St Thomas Aquinas School Bursary

By accepting a bursary, parents/guardians acknowledge that their child/ward will be expected to work diligently, be a good ambassador for the school and must conform to all school regulations.

In the event that these conditionsare breached, the BOG reserves the right to withdraw all or part of the financial support and apply normal school standards and procedures.

A St Thomas Aquinas School bursary is granted at the sole discretion of the BOG and is subject to review by them at any time. A bursary may be awarded wholly,  partially or conditionally at the discretion of the BOG.

Parents/guardianswho fail to pay any remaining fees (school fees that remain after a bursary is awarded) after deduction ofthe advised and agreed bursary, on time in accordance with the school’s term and conditions, will place the advised and agreed bursary at risk of termination.


Application date

The deadline for bursary applications is by the end of October, prior to the year of entry.

Personal data protection

All personal data will be processed in accordance with POPI.

Review of policy

This policy will be reviewedagain in October 2023 by the School Management Team and BOG.