Sport at St Thomas Aquinas includes the following:

An integrated sports day

Grades 1 to 7 take part in sport during the academic day. All grades in the two phases take part twice a week, when they are taught general sport skills, and skills specific to a variety of team sports that are offered by St Thomas Aquinas School.


Athletics takes place in the first term. There area a variety of disciplines such as high jump, sprints and endurance training. A variety of juniors and seniors participated in the regional competitions.



Soccer is played in the second term. The sport is played by the primary school through to the High school .


Like soccer, netball is played in the second term and is played by the primary and high school. Within the sport we play surrounding schools and participate in many regional and local competitions.


Tennis is a popular game as many of our children play the game .Tennis has, for many years, been an integral part of the sport at St Thomas.


Hockey is very big at St Thomas. We have teams in all age groups, both for boys hockey and girls hockey. We have a number of excellent and experienced coaches.



St Thomas Aquinas is one of only two schools in Witbank with a school pool (the only high school), and can proudly claim that the vast majority of learners are above average for their age groups in their confidence in the water.

Swimming lessons are given in the first and fourth term to all of the Gr 1 – 7s during their PT time, and the afternoon team swimmers range from Gr 1 – Gr 12. 

The school currently offers the following sport options:

Summer Sport

Term 1 & 4
  • Athletics
  • Swimming

Winter Sport

Term 2 & 3
  • Hockey
  • Soccer
  • Netball
  • Cross Country

All year round

  • Tennis
  • Chess
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