Productions & Cultural Evenings

Inter house Plays – Roccasecca, Siena and Calaroga show off their acting talent with three different 45 min plays. Uniquely St Thomas in our inclusion of Gr 4 – 12 learners in each play, whether it is the Bi-annual musical productions or the House plays that run in alternative years, these are one of the highlights of the Cultural Department each year.

Junior Primary Cultural Evenings include a play put on by the Grade 3s each year.

Our Junior Primary Cultural Evening annually presents a variety of cultural displays – a play by our Gr 3s, our young marimba players, our Junior choir, the recorder players, those talented young dancers and some that recite poetry

The Gr 4 – 12 Cultural evening was a new highlight in 2016 and will be produced again in 2017, including talent in all cultural forms from the slightly more experienced learners.

Slam Poetry is our latest art within the cultural department. Originating from Chicago, it is a type of poetry expressing a writer’s personal story and/or a current issue. Often the performance is captivating and powerful.