Silver Anniversary




On the 25th of June, 1949, the Convent of St. Thomas Aquinas celebrated its Silver Anniversary. For 25 years the school has been in existence, and it has verily become part of the town. The present building was opened on Sunday, June 15th; 1924, by His Excellency the Governor-General, the Earl of Athlone. T

The building then comprised of six classrooms, seating forty pupils each, and ac­commodation for a hundred board­ers. The Earl remarked on the beauty of the building and the generous provision made for the pupils. Later, when the machine of learning had been well run-in, music and singing lessons were given to the pupils. The rooms necessary for this being erected behind the main building. Through the years the Convent’s pupils have taken top honours in their music examinations.

In all eisteddfods and similar competitions the pupils have taken many prizes. Some re­markably good vocalists and instru­mentalists have been produced by this school. Classes from primary school to matric and national commercial matric are given at the Convent. So far all examination results have been very favourable indeed. Elocu­tion and dancing classes have been introduced. The result of these were seen at last year’s eisteddfod and the recent concert.

For those who favour a life of art, instruction in painting, oil and watercolours, is available. At the eisteddfod last year, St. Thomas’ Convent secured seven of the cups and numerous diplomas. The Milne Cup for the most outstanding elocutionist, and the cup for the best instrumentalist have found their way to No. 48, Allenby Street. During the war years this school did very valuable work. It not only won first prize in the Transvaal inter-high school knitting compe­tition, but dispatched numerous parcels to those who needed them at the front, through the medium of the Red Cross. Large contribu­tions were sent to the U.N.A.C. and war funds, and woolen clothes to children in Europe. It can well be said that the Witbank Convent has a distinguished “war record.”

A scrapbook made  during the Health Week last year by the schol­ars was, at the request of the Red Cross Association, sent to Geneva, where the book was exhibited at the association’s International Headquarters. Academically, the Convent has proved itself capable of holding its own with any other school in the district. Compositions from this school entered in competitions such as the essay-writing competition of the “Annual Bird Show,” usually takes a prize. There is a very wide range of subjects, such as German, Latin, Geography and Botany, from which the pupils are allowed to choose their subjects for their mat­riculation examination.

Facilities are made for the pupils as far as sport is concerned. Swim­ming is perhaps their strongest sport. The van Rensburg Shield for inter-high school swimming (girls) has been repeatedly won by them. Hockey teams have played against opponents from near and far, each year, and tennis is also encouraged. The immensely popular softball has also recently been introduced, and receives a lot of support from the girls.

(A copy of a newspaper  Article from the local paper in 1949. No date or name of publisher has been given)