Board of Governors

1.  Mrs Marlinda Lange (Principal)

2. Mrs Karin Soal (High School Deputy Principal)

3. Mrs Kirstin Daly (Primary School Deputy Principal)

4. Mr Sunil Mungaroo (Chairperson of the Board)

5. Mr Bongani Thomo (Vice Chairperson)

6. Mrs Colleen Deiner (Head of Religion at St Thomas Aquinas School)

7. Mr Trevor Barnes (Financial advisor to the Board; co-opted)

8. Mrs Roxy Faria (Representative of the Regional Superior of Dominican Community)

9. Mr Manuel Longueira (Bishop’s appointment)

10. Dr Thebogo Matoane (Immediate Past Chairperson; co-opted)

11. Mrs Thembeka Buleni (Parent Representative)

12. Mrs Tanja Davel (Parent Representative)

13. Mrs Lerato Bam (Legal Advisor)