Why choose us?

  • St Thomas Aquinas School is an independent school of excellence in Witbank for almost 96 years. Established in 1924 by the Dominican Sisters of King Williams Town, St Thomas Aquinas has grown from humble beginnings to the school that it is today. In the words of the founding principal, Mother Lucy, “God has brought us to Witbank. I believe it is His Will that we come here. We will come.”
  • St Thomas Aquinas is a Catholic school that fosters Christian formation of young people through the teaching and living of Gospel values in our school community. Although open to children of all religions, it is a condition of acceptance into St Thomas that students participate in religious activities. Students are also encouraged to live out these values by contributing to the well-being of those less fortunate than themselves.
  • We strive for academic excellence and have achieved outstanding matric results for many years. St Thomas Aquinas writes the IEB examinations in Grade 9 and matric with notable success. We recognize that each child is a unique individual, and we aim to develop our students to be the best that they can be. St Thomas is committed to offering the highest standards of quality teaching and learning. We aim to stretch our learners to acquire the skills of teamwork, independent research, self-knowledge, and critical thinking.
  • Sport has always been an integral part of the holistic education offered at our school. Sport not only promotes physical fitness, but develops character. We offer physical education lessons from Grade 00 – Grade 9. Our students participate in a number of different sports. Soccer, hockey, netball, tennis, cricket, and athletics are offered at our school. St Thomas has a proud record of past and present students who have made provincial selection in their respective sports. We are committed to improving our sport.
  • St Thomas offers a number of cultural activities. Students attend music lessons at school. There is a junior and senior primary choir. Our two marimba bands are very popular and are invited to attend social events as well as competitions in Gauteng. Our students enter the Arts Festival, Olympiads and Young Scientists Expo. There is an annual talent show. Educational tours are a regular occurrence.
  • St Thomas Aquinas is a blessed school and our commitment is to continue providing an outstanding education in a caring environment. We offer small classes, good facilities and dedicated teachers. We encourage our parents to remain involved in their child’s education. We take pride in the fact that students leaving our school are well balanced, rounded individuals, capable of making a meaningful contribution to our society.